Anneleigh Jacobsen

Anneleigh Jacobsen used to be a brand manager (and marketing manager) in Sandton, working for multi-national and national fast-moving consumer goods companies. She now runs her own consulting brand management company from Cape Town and has clients all over the world.

Jacobsen is the author of Corporation games, a corporate thriller, and has just completed a master’s degree in values-driven marketing at the University of Cape Town.

Brand South Africa: How best to attract foreign tourists?

Anneleigh Jacobsen, Izak de Vries In het nieuws 2023-02-09

"There is no good way to spin loadshedding in an ad for South Africa as a tourist destination. Candle-lit dinners can only get you so far when you can’t charge your phone, use a hairdryer or watch TV while you’re on holiday. … But can we justify spending money on advertising South Africa when the basics are failing?"

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