Carsten Rasch

Carsten Rasch has been a camera operator, club owner, earring-maker, drummer, pizza maker, music promoter, film director and occasional dealer in illicit substances. He is presently a music curator and the drummer in the Hearts of Darkness, a band of unapologetically aging reprobates. His book Between rock and a hard place was recently published.

Johnny Clegg ‒ Uhambe kahle, nkosi!

Carsten Rasch Muziek 2019-07-18

"I was dead set on Juluka because I recognised that the music Sipho and Johnny were producing was unique, not just in the country, but in the world. The ingredients of the Juluka was the successful mixing of white European and Zulu culture that made this music so compelling to us, the youth of the eighties, and so dangerous for the apartheid authorities."

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