Chris Emezue

Chris Emezue (23) is a master’s student at the Technical University of Munich, studying mathematics in data science. His research areas include deep learning, reinforcement learning, knowledge-graph representations, and speech and language processing. He is a research intern at the Mila Quebec AI Institute (under the supervision of Professor Yoshua Bengio and Dr Dianbo Liu) and a natural language processing researcher at the Siemens AI Lab. As an entrepreneur, he has initiated Lanfrica, a project to preserve African languages. He is from Nigeria.

Masakhane leads the way for low-resourced African languages online

Willem de Vries, Chris Emezue, Bonaventure Dossou Interviews 2021-07-01

Masakhane, today a group of more than 400 volunteers from more than 20 African countries, is helping to change predominantly monolingual and homogeneous spaces in technology into something far richer and more accessible for people in and from Africa.