Danelle van Zyl-Hermann

Danelle van Zyl-Hermann

Danelle van Zyl-Hermann is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Basel, Switzerland. Her latest research investigates different bodies of knowledge and practices around health and healing in late- and post-colonial Kenya, looking at local, national, regional and international actors and politics.

Whiteness in Southern Africa – an interview

Cliffordene Norton, Duncan Money, Danelle van Zyl-Hermann Academisch 2020-06-09

"The idea of whites in colonial Africa conjures up images of pith helmets and khaki shorts, rural landscapes and vast estates, madams and masters parked on verandas alternately sipping gin and barking orders at African servants. Such stereotypes present whites as a uniformly wealthy and homogenous group, secure atop a binary power structure." Duncan Money and Danelle van Zyl-Hermann, editors of Rethinking white societies in southern Africa, 1930s–1990s.