Innocent Chizaram Ilo

Innocent Chizaram Ilo is an Igbo writer from Nigeria. Their works interrogate gender, class, memory and sexuality, and have been published in literary magazines across four continents. They are a finalist of the Gerald Kraak Award, Short Story Day Africa Prize and Wilbur Smith Author of Tomorrow Prize. They have also won the Africa YMCA and Oxford Festival of the Arts short story contests. Their works have been published in Fireside Magazine, Overland, Strange horizons, Cosmic roots and eldritch shores, Cast of wonders, the anthology Transcendent 4: The year’s best transgender speculative fiction, the Short Story Day anthology ID, and Heart of the matter: The Gerald Kraak anthology.

"Every day, I see how storytelling shapes the world"

Cliffordene Norton, Innocent Chizaram Ilo Literatuur 2020-05-13

"I’ve always found motherhood to be such a mystery. You see these women break their backs raising their children, raising their husbands, and for what? I think all of this built up to me writing this story." Innocent Chizaram Ilo’s short story has been shortlisted for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. 

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