Lies Deneys

Lies Deneys is a dynamic young woman who originates from the Pajottenland, Brussels, Belgium. She is fluent in Dutch (Flemish), French, English and Afrikaans, and understands German. She received her master’s degree in political sciences from the University of Ghent.

Nineteen years ago, she arrived in South Africa. For the first nine years, she lived in and around the inspiring Winelands of South Africa, where she was closely involved with the wine-making processes and obtained her diploma in wine at the renowned Cape Wine Academy. After that, she moved to Cape Town, and later to Greyton in the Overberg. Recently, she moved back to Cape Town.

For many years, she traded in exclusive South African wines: as an exporter to Europe, a négociant en vin and an importer in Belgium. Later on, she worked as a wine expert for Chinese clients, helping them to set up their wine portfolio and overseeing the logistical side of exporting wines.

Her passion to create beautiful and exceptional experiences for people has been nurtured, whether while she was a guesthouse owner in Greyton; an event manager for charities, private clients and corporates; or an experience coordinator for Southscape Adventures, where she is in charge of executive business retreats.

The management and coordination of projects and events are housed under her brand, Mappa.

Out of her passion for food and her love for her country, she started baking Belgian heritage cakes, and is selling these under her brand, Pajot Flemish Bakery. This bakery has given her a position in the Belgian Chamber of Commerce, where she is responsible for the intake of members.

A serious interest in interior decor and aesthetics, together with a high level of quality control and a love for the good life, makes Lies stand out, whether it is in her dealings with wine, renovation projects, events management, business retreats or the Pajot Flemish Bakery.

Because she has an entrepreneurial spirit, she is always on the lookout for new opportunities and, above all, for possibilities to enhance her own life.

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Bringing a taste of Belgium to Cape Town

Cliffordene Norton, Lies Deneys Culinair 2019-12-11

Are you looking for authentic Belgian heritage cakes? Lies Deneys, owner of the Pajot Flemish Bakery, creates delicious pastries with love from her home country.

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