Alex J Coyne

Alex J. Coyne is a journalist, author, and proofreader.

His features have been published in a wide array of international publications: Caribbean Compass, Bridge Canada, People Magazine, Writers Weekly, Yoga International, Great Bridge Links, and more.

His features about contract bridge, poker, and tabletop games have been published in more: Bridge Base Online, Geek Native, Gifts for Card Players, and Alzheimer’s SA.

Some articles and blog posts have been syndicated to other international markets that include Yahoo! Finance, The Citizen, and MSN Money.

He has also been lucky enough to interview fascinating people like Raymond Buckland, Jeffery Deaver, Kathy Reichs, Matthew Ginsberg, and Magus Peter H. Gilmore.

Sometimes, he’s a ghostwriter, too. Alex has written more than 1 000 000 words on behalf of copywriting agencies.


For the love of coffee

Alex J Coyne Culinair 2024-05-21

"Bitter, darker blend coffee drinkers aren’t the same as sweet coffee drinkers. There’s a distinct difference between someone who prefers darkly roasted, whisky-filled black coffee and the next person, who might ask for a simple espresso with cream. What does your coffee say about you?"

Cowboy Carter: Beyoncé meets country music at the crossroads

Alex J Coyne, Suzannah WanderingStar Muziek 2024-04-09

"The album isn’t just ars gratia artis (art for art’s sake), but aims to make a point about earlier, perhaps forgotten country and blues artists."

365 days in Inanda, KwaZulu-Natal

Alex J Coyne Reizen 2024-02-16

"Lessons in walking are important, he says, and he defines the difference between an authoritative strut and the confused, tourist-like walk. If you don’t walk like you mean it, like you belong here, it’s a whole different place."

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