Chipo Mutyambizi

Chipo Mutyambizi (34) is a South-African woman but she grew up in Zimbabwe and Namibia and studied in Stellenbosch.
With some financial support from the Foundation Study Fund for South-African Students she is now working on her PhD about economic aspects, better to say cost-expenditure, which are related to people with diabetes.
For her studies and supervision she also has to do research at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, which is known, besides other faculties, for its faculty of Health Sciences.

"Especially poor women with diabetes suffer in South-Africa": An interview with Chipo Mutyambizi, PhD student

Guido van den Berg, Chipo Mutyambizi Interviews 2019-06-25
"What has diabetes got to do with economics in South Africa? Everything." Guido van den Berg chats to South African PhD student Chipo Mutyambizi about her research at Maastricht University in the Netherlands.
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