Gerda Hooghordel

Gerda Hooghordel

Gerda Hooghordel (1962) is a PhD candidate at the African Studies Centre Leiden.

1996: Master in theology (psychology of religion, African religions, theology and gender)

2018: Teacher in religious education and teacher in philosophy at a secondary school

2010–2020: PhD research on transformations in healing practices of female Zulu sangomas: Reed in wind of change: Zulu sangomas in transition.

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The position of indigenous healing and sangomas in contemporary South Africa: an interview

Cliffordene Norton, Gerda Hooghordel Academisch 2020-06-19

"With regard to the subject of indigenous healing, there are (also in popular media) many prejudices: sangomas are witches, and indigenous healers are, in general, charlatans. Although it is true that some people call themselves sangomas in order to earn easy money, there are many indigenous healers who have a vast amount of knowledge about herbal medicine and insight into human nature."