Jennifer Tosch

Jennifer Tosch is a cultural heritage historian, entrepreneur, co-author, member of Mapping Slavery Project Netherlands, and founder of Black Heritage Tours in Amsterdam and New York State. Jennifer was born in Brooklyn, New York to Surinamese parents who emigrated to the USA in the 1960s from the Suriname, a former Dutch colony.

Black Heritage Tours (Amsterdam): an interview

MenĂ¡n van Heerden, Jennifer Tosch Interviews 2018-09-27

"I was told there was no 'black history or presence' during the colonial times in the 17th century. The focus of the discourse was centred around the 'glory of the Dutch Golden Age', which in essence erased the other side of the history. And any mention of the black history always started with slavery; there were no positive narratives about the presence and contributions of the African diaspora in the Netherlands."