Quintin Goliath aka Jitsvinger, is an established Cape Flats born conceptual writer, composer, educator, musician and performing artist currently working on his second album following a successful career journey with the release of Skeletsleutel in 2006.

“Slick of tongue, deft of finger, arresting of personality … Jitsvinger’s lightning renditions give a voice to social change, and comment on language and identity…” – Evan Milton, Cape Argus Tonight 2009.

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Jitsvinger se nuwe uitdaging

Cliffordene Norton, Jitsvinger Interviews 2019-09-03

Die rymkletser Jitsvinger tree by die Open Book Festival op wat tot 8 September 2019 in Kaapstad plaasvind. Cliffordene Norton het met hom gesels oor sy volgende uitdaging, ’n Jitsvinger-klerereeks.