Kari Longman

I was born in Cape Town in 1970 into a culturally oriented family. In 1980 we moved to Pietermaritzburg for 10 years, after which we returned to Cape Town, where I completed my BMus degree at the UCT College of Music. In 1994, after a year overseas, I completed my HDE (Higher Diploma in Education) and met my husband, Alistair. We got married at the end 1996, taught for two years and then did two stints of living and working in London. This is where we both moved from teaching into IT.  

Over the years I have worked as a project administrator, project manager, business analyst and information/data analyst. I love to find meaningful patterns from data and to create solutions that make my colleagues’ lives easier.  

Along the way I have also been very fortunate to become the mom of three children, Chloe, Julia and Dylan. In July 2019 we moved as a family to Utrecht in the Netherlands, where I took up a role as a principal business consultant for CGI, a large consulting firm. 

In my spare time I love to run (I have run many ultra-marathons and trail races), play the clarinet and piano, read, crochet and bake. And very importantly, I love to develop connections and networks with other people, especially via social media.

Emigrating to the Netherlands: “So much is so different.”

Kari Longman, Izak de Vries Interviews 2021-08-20

Because they have opened themselves up to the Dutch way of life, the Longmans are happy in the Netherlands. This is a frank, but funny, interview about making a huge transition.

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