Emigrating to the Netherlands: “So much is so different.”

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Kari Longman speaks to us from Utrecht in the Netherlands. She and her family moved there in July 2019.

Kari grew up as an English-speaking South African and chats to Voertaal about learning Dutch and getting to know the Dutch way of life.

She is frank about some of the ups and downs her kids have experienced and urges families to plan any move carefully, because the cultural differences are huge.

“So much is so different,” she says. Often the challenges lie in the unexpected things, like getting to and from school, or finding a doctor and hairdresser one is comfortable with.

The delights of cycling, for young and old, even with groceries, get some happy airtime – and laughs.

Because they have opened themselves up to the Dutch way of life, the Longmans are happy in the Netherlands.

This is a frank, but funny, interview about making a huge transition.

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