Marina Pienaar

South African soprano Marina Pienaar made her official operatic debut at the Stellenbosch Woordfees in 2018, where she performed the title role of Purcell’s The Fairy Queen in a collaboration between Cape Town Opera and Stellenbosch University.

During her undergraduate studies she performed in numerous concert venues in South Africa in operas, galas and recitals. She graduated cum laude from her Bachelor in Music studies at the University of Stellenbosch under the guidance of Lauren Dasappa.

Currently Marina is studying for a Master of Performance in Vocal Studies under the guidance of Janis Kelly at the Royal College of Music in London, where she was fortunate to be awarded a scholarship supported by the Charles Branchini Estate, and is a listed singer on the prestigious Josephine Baker Trust.

Apart from performance Marina is also passionate about community engagement projects. During 2018 she was involved with various community engagement projects in Cloetesville near Stellenbosch and also toured to different regions in South Africa to conduct music workshops with Morgan Szymanski’s outreach project PRISMA.

Meestergraadstudies in Londen: ’n onderhoud met Marina Pienaar

Marli van Eeden, Marina Pienaar Reizen 2019-11-19

"In die finale ronde van oudisies by die Royal College of Music het ek gestaan op die bekende Britten Theatre se verhoog en moes myself herinner dat ek regtig op daai verhoog staan en sing vir die hoof en onderhoof van sang en opera."

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