Victor van Aswegen

Sculpting This Earth director Victor van Aswegen is a Cape Town-based filmmaker with a background, successively, in law, economics, development, finance, private equity, consultancy, and business analytics. As filmmaker and founder-owner of CineSouth Studios, he now works principally as director and producer.

His films to date have dealt with the nature of complex systems, the traumatic experience of people forcibly displaced by conflict and persecution, the parallel arcs of urbanisation and the human life cycle from childhood to parenthood, and an urban resilience stress event in the form of the 2017-2018 Cape Town water crisis.

He has made two previous films about artists and their work: Máquina do Mundo (2017), a conversation with Paris-based artist Katja Gentric, and Displaced (2020), a retrospective of the oeuvre of South African artist Emma Willemse that has garnered acclaim on the global film festival circuit, with laurels from more than fifty festivals on four continents to date.

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Sculpting this earth: Dokumentêre film oor landkuns in Suid-Afrika – ’n onderhoud

Carina van der Walt, Strijdom van der Merwe, Victor van Aswegen Kunst 2022-08-24

Landkunstenaar Strijdom van der Merwe se oeuvre word binnekort vereer met ’n pragtig-genuanseerde dokumentêr deur filmprodusent en -regisseur Victor van Aswegen. Sculpting this earth is ’n gesamentlike produk van hierdie twee toegewyde kunstenaars uit die Kaapse metropool. Carina van der Walt het met dié kunstenaars oor die film, waaarvan die première op Vrydag 26 Augustus plaasvind, gesels.

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