Dutch delights at Mojo Market

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Mojo Market in Sea Point is a great place to get some delicious food, and if you are looking for Dutch/Belgian street food, you can visit the German Bites/Dutch Delights stall. Judith Mechisi, manager of German Bites/Dutch Delights, chats to Cliffordene Norton.

Judith Mechisi

What inspired your love of Dutch cuisine?

I was inspired by the love that the Dutch have for their culture and their traditional food and dress. Making their food is a way of learning more about their culture, food and language.

Why a Dutch stall at Mojo Market in Sea Point?

It’s a strategic place, since it has different types of food from different countries, so the Dutch would be delighted to find their food here. Also, other people from different countries would also like to taste food from Holland.


Mojo Market

Mojo Market is an exciting 7-days-a-week food and lifestyle market in beautiful Sea Point. It’s a great place to meet old friends and make some new ones, too – come and find your mojo! From live music and sport screenings, to 30 food stalls, an artisan retail offering and four bars – one of which boasts the widest selection of beverages on tap in the southern hemisphere – we truly have something for everyone!


What can readers expect from German Bites/Dutch Delights’s menu?

Bitterballen are a meat-based snack, consisting of round balls with beef and potato, and covered with breadcrumbs. They are deep-fried.

Poffertjes are mini puffed pancakes, topped simply with a little butter and a sprinkling of powdered sugar.

Stroopwafels are wafer cookies made from two thin layers of baked dough, joined by a caramel filling.

Krokette are small rolls of chopped vegetables, meat or fish, fried in breadcrumbs. We have three flavours: chicken, beef and the ham, cheese and chives.

They are all served with mustard sauce.

What is the most popular dish on your menu?

The most popular dishes on the menu are the bitterballen – customers usually take the special bitterballen – and, of course, poffertjes. The poffertjes are the favourite dessert. The owner is from Holland, so he makes everything from scratch. Everything is freshly made.

Judith in front of the stall

What’s on the menu?

German Bites/Dutch Delights also offer Belgian cuisine.


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