Press release: Building in balance with nature

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Creative Exchange 18 May 2022 14:00 – 15:30        
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This month, the Creative Exchange will look at the role of water-sensitive design within the built and the natural environments. It will pay particular attention to ensure that all relevant parties are invited to the proverbial table when designing green and blue cities.

According to the Future Water Research Institute, complex challenges of rapid urban growth and threatened water supplies require innovative solutions that create efficient, flexible, urban water systems, and secure resilience under a range of future conditions.

“The Water Sensitive Design (WSD) approach, differs from traditional planning methods focused on water treatment and delivery infrastructure by designing social, governance and engineering aspects that minimise the hydrological impacts of urban development on the surrounding environment.” – Future Water Research Institute

The Creative Exchange is a series of monthly events, co-hosted by the Craft + Design Institute (CDI) and the Kingdom of the Netherlands in South Africa (#cocreateSANL).

This series brings together people from the water sector and our design and innovation communities, to share knowledge and create the space to form a broader community that breaks down professional silos and opens the floodgates to collaborative thinking that can inspire water sensitive design.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2022
14:00 – 15:30
Theme: Building in balance with nature       

The series builds on the #cocreateDESIGN FESTIVAL, which the CDI and Netherlands Consulate General in Cape Town have hosted since 2018.

“The future of our planet’s natural ecosystem has never been more dependent on the design of better solutions by our human ecosystem of policy-makers, government officials, water engineers and practitioners, the private sector and civil society. In South Africa, the challenges are made so much more complex by the need to address unequal access, and the state of our infrastructure.” – Erica Elk, Group CEO of CDI

“Innovation is also about water management: How do you govern water? Who’s responsible for what? And, how do make sure that it’s inclusive, making sure services get delivered to everybody and actually creating a space where everybody is benefitting from the system?” – Sebastiaan Messerschmidt, Consul General at the Netherlands Consulate General in Cape Town       

More on the CDI and #COCREATESANL

The CDI has hosted the Creative Exchange series for over 20 years, and this 2022 iteration has been made possible thanks to the Netherlands Consulate General in Cape Town.

The Netherlands’ #cocreateSANL platform has for over ten years been bringing diverse people to the table to exchange ideas and innovations for a sustainable future.

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