Persbericht: Afrikaans Grammar Workshop 3, 30 september 2021 en 1 oktober 2021

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Spinhuispoort, Hendrick de Keyser, Spinhuissteeg, Amsterdam (Photo provided)

On Thursday September 30 and October 1 2021, the Third Afrikaans Grammar Workshop will take place at the Meertens Institute in Amsterdam. The workshop will be hybrid, with some speakers speaking online and other being physically present. Non-speakers who are interested in participating can contact Due to the current covid restrictions, possibilities for physical attendance are very limited, but we can probably provide a streaming link.

Thursday, September 30

10.00 KEYNOTE Jenny Audring (Universiteit Leiden) “The puzzle of Afrikaans pronominal gender”
10.55 Benito Trollip (North-West University), Frans Hinskens (Meertens Instituut; Radboud Universiteit) & Wilbert Heeringa (Fryske Akademy “The linking elements in Afrikaans compounds: experimentally testing a new proposal”
11.25 Camiel Hamans (Universiteit van Amsterdam; Adam Mickiewicz University) “Afrikaans ‘knipsels’ compared to Dutch, English and German clipped nouns”
11.55 coffee/tea
12.05 Alexandra Pfiffner (Georgetown University) “Women of all ages lead tonogenesis”
12.35 Jean-Marie Potgieter (Stellenbosch University) “The interaction between PPIs and SAP elements in Afrikaans: some initial observations”
13.10 Engela de Villiers (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) “Letting the edge speak for itself: Laat V1 constructions in Dutch and Afrikaans”
13.40 lunch
14.40 Theresa Biberauer (University of Cambridge) “Not so conservative: a closer look at Afrikaans V2”
15.10 Cora Cavirani-Pots​ (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) “Afrikaans IPP does not exist (anymore)”
15.40 Julia Bacskai-Atkari (Universität Konstanz) “Afrikaans relative clauses and the principles of morphological and syntactic markedness”
16.10 coffee/tea
16.20 Bertus van Rooy (Universiteit van Amsterdam) “Does Afrikaans have an unaccusative construction?”
16.50 Gauthier Delaby & Timothy Colleman (Universiteit Gent) “Pronoun object preposing in Afrikaans between 1750 and 1920”
17.10 Ton van der Wouden (Meertens Instituut) “Afrikaans between Dutch and English? Afrikaans enig indefinites”
17.40 end of the Thursday part of the program

Friday, October 1

9.30 KEYNOTE Gerald Stell (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) “Variation and contact in Namibian Afrikaans: A continuum perspective”
10.25 Roné Wierenga (Virtuele Instituut vir Afrikaans) “Inchoativity and the inchoative auxiliary constructions in Afrikaans: a corpus-based approach”
11.00 Peter Dirix (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) “Loop soek die donkies! A corpus investigation of the alternation between complex and simple initials in Afrikaans indirect linking verbs”
11.30 coffee/tea
11.40 Adri Breed (North-West University), Daniël Van Olmen (Lancaster University) “Impersonalisation strategies in Afrikaans: results from a visual linguistic questionnaire”
12.15 Adri Breed (North-West University), Suléne Pilon (University of Pretoria), Gerhard van Huyssteen (North-West University; Virtuele Instituut vir Afrikaans) “The boundaries of fuzzy boundaries”
12.45 lunch
13.45 Gerhard van Huyssteen (North-West University; Virtuele Instituut vir Afrikaans) “When a word is befok
14.20 Monique Rabé (North-West University) “Code-switching among Afrikaans-Dutch bilingual children”
14.50 coffee/tea
15.00 KEYNOTE Andries Coetzee (University of Michigan) IP “Patagonian Afrikaans: Community and Language History”
15.55 closing; off to the Zuid-Afrika Huis (downtown Amsterdam) for a drink

If a presentation that is not preceded by a break is given online, we add 5 minutes to the preceding presentation – not for the preceding presentation, but for the technical preparation of the online presentation.

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