Ask the vet: My Yorkie cries when I leave

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Marianne Lomberg (BVSc Hons) is ’n veearts wat dit geniet om met mense oor hulle diere te gesels. Stuur jou vrae na

Marianne Lomberg (BVSc Hons) is a veterinarian who enjoys talking to people about their animals. Send your questions to

Marianne Lomberg (BVSc Hons) is een dierenarts die graag met mensen over hun dieren praat. Stuur je vragen naar


Leah writes:

I need your help, please. I adopted a 6-year-old Yorkie from her parents who are moving away and can’t have dogs. She lost her partner a few months ago as well. I take her for walks twice a day, which she had never done before, but loves to do now. She gets so excited that she shivers and cries just before her walk. She follows me everywhere and I can’t leave her alone at home, not even to go to the gate, then she cries loudly. My worry is that if I have to go to work, I know she’ll cry the whole day and I’m sure I’ll get complaints from the neighbours. How can I help her be at ease?


Dear Leah

The bond you have formed with your new doggie is wonderful to read about. She clearly loves and trusts you more than anyone else in the world, especially after the recent upheaval in her life.

In dogs we call the symptoms she’s showing separation anxiety. The good news is, there are things you can do to help her. An animal behaviourist can teach you exercises to do which will teach her to be comfortable and happy even when she is not with you, and your vet may be able to add some medication that makes it easier for her to learn the new tricks.

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