Colonisation and immigration, an interview with Ashlin Winckler

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Ashlin Winckler is a creative soul born and bred in Cape Town. She recently completed a BA degree in film and television production at City Varsity as well as a musical theatre diploma through Trinity College. She then moved to the Netherlands to be with her parents and is now studying towards a second degree, this time in animation at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. 

She has recently completed a short animated film on colonisation which looks at the legacies of colonisation from both a South African and a Dutch perspective. In it she also addresses her own move to the Netherlands.

In this interview Ashlin speaks to us about growing up in Cape Town, relocating to a country where she does not speak the local language, and about the aftermath of colonisation that is still visible in the Netherlands and in South Africa.

Here is her film.

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