Week van het Nederlands | Literêre gesprek: Alfred Schaffer en Chika Unigwe

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5 Oktober

Literêre gesprek: Alfred Schaffer en Chika Unigwe | 16:30 tot 17:30

’n Gratis, direkte uitsending, aanlyn deur die Vrystaat Kunstefees se platform. Sien die gesprek hier.


From 2 to 9 October, we celebrate the Week of the Dutch Language, an initiative of the Flemish-Dutch cultural house deBuren and the Dutch Language Union (Nederlandse Taalunie). This year is the 7th edition of this week-long event which highlights the versatility and the beauty of the Dutch language and cultures.

We are very excited to bring the Week van het Nederlands to South Africa for the very first time with a programme of different activities, organised by the Embassies of Belgium and the Netherlands, and the Delegation of Flanders, in cooperation with Sasnev and the SAVN. One of the events not to be missed is a literary conversation which takes place on Tuesday 5 October from 16.30-17.30, livestreamed via the Facebook page of the Vrystaat Arts Festival (www.facebook.com/vrystaatkunstefees).

Please join us as Nigerian author Chika Unigwe, who lived in Flanders for 18 years, and Dutch poet Alfred Schaffer, currently lecturing at the University of Stellenbosch, look at language and identity and the significance of the Dutch language in their works as author and poet respectively.

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