Ask the vet: Which cat litter is good for the environment?

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Marianne Lomberg (BVSc Hons) is ’n veearts wat dit geniet om met mense oor hulle diere te gesels. Stuur jou vrae na

Marianne Lomberg (BVSc Hons) is a veterinarian who enjoys talking to people about their animals. Send your questions to

Marianne Lomberg (BVSc Hons) is een dierenarts die graag met mensen over hun dieren praat. Stuur je vragen naar


Dear Marianne

I'm about to get a new kitten. I live in a flat, so she has to use a litter box. My previous cat used silicone litter, but I want to know whether it's good for the environment or whether something else would be better?




Dear Graeme

What an excellent question. Even animals have a carbon footprint, and we can help manage our pets' carbon pawprints by making conscious choices about things like their litter.

Silicone cat litter has benefits for cats an owners, such as good odour control and lasting a long time, but of all the litters, it breaks down most slowly in the environment. Next slowest to break down is clay-based litter (the most common type, which is usually grey). If you want to get closer to being biodegradable, then a wood-based litter is a good, accessible option sold by many pet shops in South Africa.

On the other paw, you could also look at using recycled waste for your cat – such as cat litter made from the leftovers of soya bean production. Several vets, pet shops and even some supermarkets in South Africa now stock cat litter made from the discards of commercial soya bean farming.

Isn't it great that we can keep our furry friends clean while also caring for the planet?


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